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Our Models Reveal Their New Year’s Resolutions

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As we ring in 2017 most of us are trying to decide what kinds of goals we should set in place for this new year. Whether it’s to make it to gym more, give back to others, or just try to be healthier all around, now is the time to decide how you’ll kick things off come January.

Though New Year’s Resolutions can fade and be forgotten, some are so strong and powerful that they set the tone for how we approach our personal and professional lives for the next 365 days.

Here are some of our model’s resolutions for 2017:

Kouka Webb

“My 2017 resolutions are to donate my time and money to a local charity, try making a different food every week, and the usual, unusual. That means I’d like to change my route to class and do more simple things to shake up my daily life!”

Willow Hand

“My number one goal for 2017 is to do more work with the ASPCA.”

Londone Myers

“In 2017, I’d like to be more chairtable!”

Rubina Dyan

“There are a few things I'd love to do or accomplish next year, like buying a house for my family and I, going back to Law school and getting my degree and masters, getting involved with charities and organizations working with Autism awareness, research, and funding, and finally making a strong and consistent collection of my artwork to showcase at a solo show.”

Grace Bol

"Next year I want to celebrate every holiday, no matter what part of the world I maybe in. I would also love to travel more often, connect with nature and spend more quality time with my grandmother." 

Double quotes icon for "I am" and inspirational posts from elite models in New York

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